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Emotized.comBeach theme invitations, Want to make your party unique? How about throwing a party with a Beach Theme to make a lasting impression on your guests? Out with the old and in with the new, when planning a party it’s time to start thinking outside of the box for new and fresh ideas to bring to your parties, and there is nothing better to do that than with a theme.

Whether you are throwing a party at the beach or at your home with a beach theme, I am going to give you some great ideas to on how to implement a beach theme to the festivities.

There are many areas to a party that we can apply a beach theme to, including decorations, food and music, other areas are a beach theme dress code. Let’s explore in detail a few of the areas to get your creative juices flowing.

When sending out your invitations, you can start the beach theme at this point, try making the invitations in the shape of a palm tree, or doing some cut and pasting to create a unique invitation that will make your guests want to attend your party. For a really unique idea, how about using real coconuts with a message on them for a memorable hand delivered invitation.

On your invitations make it a requirement for guests to wear bathing suits and flip flops as a dress code, you can make it optional for the guests who are a little shy but still want to attend. Having a dress code of bathing suits will get your guests into the beach theme frame of mind even before they leave their house.

Another area to apply the beach theme and one of the most obvious is decorations. Try scattering sea shells around the party site, some well placed surfboards around the party area is also a great decoration idea, and will give your party that unique look. Inflatable palm trees are also easy to come across in party supply shops or online, these will also make good decorations around the party site. If your event is being held outside, lit tiki torches around the perimeter creates a great tropical atmosphere. Let see how to make beach theme invitations here.

Next lets discuss the topic of food for your beach themed party. The drinks that come to mind when I think of a beach are Mai Tais, Strawberry Daiquiris, or Hurricanes, don’t forget to add the little umbrellas in your cocktails. For the non-alcohol guests tropical punch with fresh fruit floating in it is a big hit.

Fruit kabobs are always a great idea to create a tropical flair, chips and dip are great for all occasions. If you really want to get adventurous, roasted pork for sandwiches will create that Hawaiian Luau feeling.

When your guests start arriving have some back ground music of ocean waves and sea gull cries, or how about some Beach Boys or B-52’s. You can even have a Beach Blanket Bingo movie on the Television going with the volume turned down.

Some activities that will keep your guests entertained are volleyball tournaments if your event is being held outdoors. How about a game of limbo to see how low you can go! Musical chairs, or Twister are also great ideas to keep your guests busy at your beach themed party.

Don’t just throw the normal boring party, make it exciting with a Beach Theme and you will be surprised at the read more amount of guests you will have, all having a great time, and remembering the fun they had for a lifetime.

See picture of beach theme invitations below

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