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Cardnvitation – Bridal Shower Invitations, Long, long ago people used to have their bridal showers hosted by the Maid of Honor the bridesmaids. Then, it was hosted by friends. Finally, it was hosted by the parents of the bride. Nowadays, the Maid of Honor is usually the one that handles the grunt work, gopher tasks, and other small menial things associated with setting up the bridal shower, and that includes sending out the bridal shower invitations.

One thing that people can do assure themselves that their bridal shower invitations are up to par is to order approximately 5 samples and pass them out to 2 friends, 2 anonymous people they don’t know, and 1 family member. This gives an honest, balanced perspective on the bridal shower invitations. It’s a lot better than bring in your sister to the computer room and asking her what she thinks of the bridal shower invitations you’ve pulled up on an online invitation site like Stationery Style. She’ll probably mumble something like, ‘That’s ok’, and that’s the only opinion you’ll get. Even if she elaborates, you’re getting the worst deal because one person’s opinion isn’t as valuable as five mediocre opinions.

This same philosophy of testing your bridal choices, wedding decisions, and bridal purchases against the sound advice of 5 or more people should be consistent throughout all your wedding decisions. People are utterly website helpless without the advice of their friends. People need to be certain that they’re going to get the best decorations, invitations, dresses, catering, and floral arrangements, and the stress load alone of such a task warrants the assistance of another friend. Free Bridal Shower Invitations Templates

Bridal shower invitations come in squares, circles, octagons, triangles, and bubbly blob shapes of all different textures. There are dozens of colors and dozens of images, and that’s just in a single category. There are hundreds of themes in thousands of categories. Western, nautical, and tropical are but a few. Have you considered hiring an expert wedding planner? Don’t do it until you get your friends together to pick out the invitations because that’s something you all can do, and it will be fun and bonding for all members involved. Personal tastes can’t really be replicated by an impersonal wedding designer that has no knowledge of the bride, her tastes, or the host family. It’s just not the same as doing it yourself. The Maid of Honor probably knows you best so let her pick out the invitations.

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