Couples wedding shower invitation wording

couples bridal shower invitations

Emotized.comCouples wedding shower invitation wording, Just as a wedding takes a lot of preparation and a number of decisions need to be made to make it perfect, so too does a wedding shower take a lot of work. You need to pick a location that will make the couple feel comfortable, decide on food to serve that the couple will enjoy, select an appropriate color scheme and theme, create and send out wedding shower invitations, etc. Fortunately, by taking care of the wedding shower invitation early, it can really lighten the load.

Information to be included on the Wedding Shower Invitation

After you have talked with the couple about any preferences they might have for the wedding shower, you should have a good idea of what the couple wants. If the couple has not specified certain information, try to base it on what they typically like. For example, for color scheme try to include their favorite colors in the decorations. If the couple loves Italian food, than make sure that you either have the wedding shower at an Italian restaurant or include some Italian food in what you will be serving.

Once you have gathered all the information you need for the wedding shower itself, you need to decide what to include on the wedding shower invitation. Typically you want to include the location, have some indication as to what the attire is, registry information, etc. When you pick out the wedding shower invitation paper, you will want to choose it to match the wedding shower color scheme and theme. If the theme is not obvious from the look of the invitation paper, you will want to mention the theme on the invitation.

Wedding showers can be held nearly anywhere. website Often people like to have them at restaurants or have them catered so that there is less stress on the host/hostess. If not held at restaurants, you can have them at the home of someone or if they are nature-lovers, you may want to have it at a nice park. Make sure to include a map or directions in with the wedding shower invitation, so that everyone will be able to find the place without calling. Also be sure to add R.S.V.P. information. That way you know how much food to have available.

Proper etiquette says that the wedding shower invitation should be sent out six weeks before the shower date. Showers can be held as far as six months prior to the wedding date. Make sure that you never invite someone that is not invited to the wedding. It is best to get a guest list from the celebrated couple to make sure that no one is left out. If the shower is a surprise, ask a couple of the closest relatives of the bride for a guest list.

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