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Cardnvitation¬†– Free Engagement Party Invitation Templates, You want to organize a really special engagement party for your friends and part of that is creating engagement party invitations that will really be special and mean something to them. Before we go into how you can do this though let’s think about some basic etiquette tips for organizing a great engagement party.

Engagement Party Planning Etiquette

Before planning the engagement party let’s just say that there are a few basic etiquette rules that you should probably be aware of, like:

Give the engaged couple time to just enjoy being engaged – don’t have the engagement party for at least the first two months.
Make sure that people know they are under no compulsion to give engagement party gifts, a note on the engagement party invitations saying “No gift required” would be a good idea to make people see that they do not need to feel pressurized into buying two expensive gifts (one for the engagement party and another for the wedding).
If the couple is having a small wedding then have a small engagement party – plan in line with the wedding.
Think about the couple and families involved – make sure that they will feel comfortable with what you have planned.
Send out engagement party invitations that will get everyone talking.

Free Party Invitations for the Engagement Party

To really make the day special for the engaged couple you want to begin with creating great engagement party invitations, but you also don’t want to spend too much money on this. Well, a great idea is to create engagement party invitations using Web 2.0.

Using Web 2.0 you will be able to create a free web page inviting people to the engagement party and that you can customize as much as you like. Use photos, videos, audio and music to show people what you are planning for the engagement party and then add more afterwards so that those who couldn’t make it still feel like they are a part of the celebrations.

Once your web page is up, send guests an email with the link to the web page so that they can get the party details and also RSVP online. They will also be able to see their photos next to their names on the page (if you have added their photos), check here see who else is coming and then even start communicating with other party guests before the party.

Image of Engagement Party Invitation below.

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