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 Emotized.comFree Photo Invitation Templates, Photo wedding invitations are usually very unique. This is because you will put a picture of you on the card. As a result, it will be a unique one. In fact, it will also be a personalized one. However, you will need to spend some time to choose the photos.

When you are considering photo wedding invitations, you will have two choices in terms of printing. Some couples will go for the idea of a black and white printing while there are brides and grooms who may want to have a colorful one. Of course the costs associated with these options are different. However, you should consider your preferences and the styles of the cards before you think about the prices.

As discussed, your photo wedding invitations will be personalized and unique. This is because no one will use your photos to print the cards except you yourself. It will be totally meaningless for others to use your photo. As a result, no one will copy your design and you can be sure that you invitation will be a totally unique.

The next question will be how you will choose the photos. It will be extremely perfect if you will take some pre-wedding photos. It is very common for people in China to do this. You can just put these pictures on your photo wedding invitations and they will just be perfect. However, if you are not going to take these pictures, you can also choose a picture that depicts both you and your fiance. The advantage here is that you guests will know that it is your big day and your invitation when once they see it!

You can also create the photo wedding invitations yourself. Yet you will need to learn a bit of the software. You can use Adobe Photoshop to compose your invitation card. You can even print them yourself with your printer at home. It can be an excellent choice more info when you only need 15 to 20 cards!

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