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wedding invitations response cards included

Emotized.comWedding Invitations Reply Cards, You have located the perfect invitation. It reflects the style you’re trying to create for your wedding perfectly and conveys everything you want to say and you believe it will excite your guests so much they’ll be barely able to contain themselves! But unless you include a reply care, how do you know they are coming?

Reply cards are wonderful stationery items. They allow the bridal couple to instantly see who is able to attend the wedding and other important information such as special dietary requirements for the reception meal.

It’s imperative to find out this information at least one month before the wedding to confirm numbers with your chosen wedding reception venue and pay only for the meals of the attendees. You also need ample time to liaise with your wedding stationer and create reception items such as place cards, seating charts and bomboniere based on the knowledge the reply cards give you.

In this new era of technology, many couples have begun to rely on the internet or mobile phone as a means to RSVP, however this really isn’t the best method at all. Selecting these ways is not only assuming that your guests read the wedding invitation in full when it arrives and then remembers to do the next step of getting on the internet or finding their phone to complete the RSVP. And more to the point, it assumes all your guests are technologically savvy.

The truth is that whilst we all believe that people understand wedding etiquette, many do not and whilst they may be excited about your impending vows, it doesn’t necessary translate into being organized enough to reply promptly.

If the wedding invitation comes complete with an RSVP card that they can fill out immediately, put into a self-addressed, stamped return envelope, then you have made the process as simple as possible for them and they are more likely to reply immediately.

The returned RSVP is also beneficial as it serves as a concrete copy of the guests’ information that can easily be referred back to if necessary and serves also as a wedding memento if desired.

Considering all the tasks and priorities involved in creating a wedding, the least read more thing you need to be thinking of is chasing after forgetful guests and this is why the RSVP care should be considered so vitally important as wedding stationery.

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